Important Update onBankruptcy Proceedings

Virgin Orbit Holdings, Inc. and its U.S. subsidiaries announced on April 4, 2023 that they commenced a voluntary proceedings under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code in order to effectuate a sale of the business. For more information about Virgin Orbit’s Chapter 11 case, contact Kroll, the Company’s noticing and claims agent, by visiting the website below, at +1 833-570-5269 (Toll Free), +1 646-440-4773 (International) or by e-mail at

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Dedicated Services

For too long, launchers have treated small satellite customers like second-class citizens. With Virgin Orbit, you’ll get first-class service at a fair cost so you can take full control of your satellite’s journey to space.

Flexible Launch

The beauty of our mobile launch pad is that we can fly wherever you need, whenever you need to go. Even hitting 20 flights per year isn't enough for us — we'll be pushing to do even more.

The Virgin Brand

Luxurious customer service. Disruptive affordability. Honest transparency. Everything you love about the Virgin brand — now in orbit!

Smallsat Launch
Will Never Be the Same

01. Responsive Scheduling

No need to worry about traffic jams at crowded spaceports. With us, you can skip the line and get to your orbit on your own schedule. Don’t go out of business waiting for your ride to space.

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02. Orbital Performance

Our mobile air launch system can easily reach any orbital inclination, giving you the ultimate flexibility when it comes to optimizing your mission. We’ll drop your satellite off exactly where it belongs, saving you time, money and fuel.

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03. Hardware Rich

Thanks to an experienced team with a long combined history of aerospace production, we’ve moved quickly from paper sketches to robust, proven hardware. Next-gen innovations such as hybrid additive-subtractive manufacturing enable us to manufacture dozens of rockets per year from our facility in Long Beach, CA.

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Quick Stats

The mass of satellites we typically launch into orbit
The range of orbital inclinations we can directly support
Percentage of the system made in the USA
80,000 lbs
Total thrust of the LauncherOne rocket

Our Customers Are ReadyTo Change The World

Our customers truly understand the power of using space as a force for good. With dozens of flights already sold, we’ve seen interest from government agencies and established space players, as well as Silicon Valley start-ups and university spin-offs. Whether they’re monitoring climate change or bringing the internet to underserved communities, each of our customers is taking on missions that are both socially and economically meaningful. Together, we’re leveraging space to benefit every Earthling.

Great Work
Requires Great Teams

Opening space for everyone isn’t just our ultimate business goal — it’s also the principle that guides how we grow and nurture our diverse team. The Virgin Orbit crew spans the breadth of human backgrounds, skills and experience, and there’s room for you, too.

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