Orbit For Everyone

We are
on a mission
to make space
for everyone

Inspired by our founder and by our sister companies within the Virgin Family, we truly believe that business not only can but must be a force for good in the world. We strive to use our incredible and privileged platform to open space for everyone. We actively boost STEM education, our local communities, diversity and inclusion in our industry, and access for the worthiest causes to get to space.

Virgin Orbit outreach, environmental and philanthropic activities are now being brought under a single name — Orbit for Everyone — which reflects the importance we place on the global community of those who benefit from space exploration.


We offer cash grants of up to $2,500 to organizations conducting activities in Los Angeles and Kern counties. Grants are awarded to fund STEM education activities, particularly but not limited to those with a direct aerospace application. Activities can be conducted in the virtual or physical world, but must have an impact here in our local communities in Southern California. Past recipients include the Columbia Memorial Space Center, the I4 FIRST Robotics team, the Youth Institute of the Greater Long Beach YMCA, Yuri’s Night Kids, and the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

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Together with our sister companies, we have awarded over $1 million in scholarships to 57 students since 2012, who also received mentoring and internship opportunities.


At least once per month, we open our rocket factory to student visits. These visits require advanced registration, but are totally free of charge. They typically occur on the third Saturday of every month, though other dates are possible with advanced coordination. Groups have included school tours, home-schooled students, and students from museums, science centers, and community organizations. Visiting students have a chance to see real rocket components, to learn about how we design, build, and test our technology, and to ask questions of our employees about their careers.

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Working with our friends at Galactic Unite, the philanthropic project of our sister company Virgin Galactic, we use video conferencing services like Google Hangouts to connect directly with students all around the world. Sessions typically last 30 minutes to an hour, with additional materials sent along in advance for optional review. Students have an opportunity to hear an overview of the program and to ask questions about the technology or about STEM career paths.

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