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LAUNCHERONE SUPPLIER - UK We are looking for UK Suppliers at all levels to support the facility at the UK Spaceport

The UK Space Agency has awarded a grant to Virgin Orbit UK Limited (“VO-UK”) to develop and manufacture a Transportable Ground Operations System (“TGOS”) in the UK and to support a pathfinder space launch from Spaceport Cornwall.

TGOS is a movable ground support system, consisting of a series of trailers that will manage propellant (fuel and liquid oxygen) and distribute these commodities at the correct temperatures and pressures to our launch vehicle. VO-UK is seeking to identify potential suppliers and manufacturers of the TGOS. We will be assessing potential suppliers that are in the following categories and provide us with the following:

TIER 1: a supplier with the capacity/capability to build and deliver a fully-completed and tested TGOS System.

TIER 2: a supplier able to supply components for the TGOS, including: pumps, valves, vessels, sensors, controllers, actuators, pipes, fittings and aircraft skids that can meet and operate under temperature and pressure specifications to include assist with specialized testing of the subsystems and systems of the TGOS.

TIER 3: a supplier that can provide general services and logistics needs.

UK Horizontal Spaceport Programme

Primary Objective: To deliver horizontal launch from Newquay Airport (Spaceport Cornwall) using the LauncherOne launch system and undertake a pathfinder demonstration launch during 2021/2022.

Additional Objective: Establishment of a UK supply chain for the development, manufacture and provision of launch system ground support equipment and provision of consumables.

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The U.K. Space Agency approved £7.35 million ($9.5 million) grant to support air-launch from Cornwall

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