Space for Everyone From Everywhere

The Drive to Enhance Life On Earth

From connecting rural communities to monitoring global climate change, our customers are using space to drive lasting positive change back on Earth.

Breaking Barriers Giving Access to Space

We’re enabling space veterans to do new missions in new ways, while also turning dreams into a reality for students, gung-ho entrepreneurs, and everyone else who never thought they’d be able to reach orbit.

The small satelliterevolution is here

Historically, small satellite operators have had little to no control over their launch schedules, and too often never get an opportunity to launch at all. It's clear that rideshares alone aren’t enough to provide the level of service and flexibility small satellites demand.

We think it’s about time the launch industry caught up. Virgin Orbit is here to set a new pace.

How our clients usetheir small satellites

Vision For the Future

LauncherOne is a great place to start, but our ambitions extend far beyond just one vehicle. We’ll continue to innovate on the production side to minimize costs, while also scaling up our launch rate to an unprecedented frequency. At the same time, we’re keeping our ears to the ground to keep up with our customers and the market's rapidly changing needs. We want to ensure we're enabling their next generation of world-changing space technology, while also bringing new space players into the fold.

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